Living Now By SC

What Today… Anything?

on March 16, 2013

Today is the day before my oldest son’s birthday… He is going to be 10! I was out of their lives for about 2 years, I just started to get them on the weekends back in November of 2011. This is actually his first birthday back with me so I felt that I had to make it good, so of course I spent almost every penny I had trying to make sure that I got him exactly what he wanted. People say that I am trying to buy them back, and maybe they are right, but I have always been that way even before everything happened in 2010. I always made sure that no matter how poor I ever was my kids always got what they wanted for their birthdays, always got what they wanted for Christmas, or really anytime. It never mattered.. Maybe I have always been trying to buy my children, I guess when I was little that’s how it was for me, so I thought that it was how it had to be with them.. It took me myself along time to understand that nothing in this life really matters, except for the people you love, and when you have children they are your whole world. Some people say that your children are not suppose to be whole your world and you are suppose to have a life of your own, but like everything in life it is all about balance. Then again addict or not how many people are in this world that have a true balance with their lives. Talking about having the perfect balance with how you handle different things in life like: (Being your child’s friend, being open with them, keeping secrets with them, keeping the innocent, etc.) I know that their is suppose to be a balance with these type things plus so much more but how many people really have a balance? Is it just us that are addicts that are unable to balance these type issues in our lives? Do the non addict people out there, the ones that have a nice house and car.. The ones that have the white picket fence life? Is that how they have the white picket fence life, is that what the difference is? Some people think that going to church and having true faith in God is what makes that possible. I don’t know the answers to all that cause I have never been on that side of the fence, and then maybe the white picket fence life don’t exist, and it is just what I think I see in some people… Maybe it does happen just very rarely… Lets take a poll…. If you think that the white picket fence exist comment Yes, if you think not comment No…


What do you think?

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