Living Now By SC

Be a Kid…

on March 18, 2013

The other day I went to treatment and I got in at least one group, and part of the discussion that day, was about being hard on ourselves for the mistakes that we have made. Learning different ways to lighten up, and being able to bring out that child within ourselves that we once were.. We did a exercise and it don’t matter who you are a addict or not everyone can do it.. We got a plain piece of paper and with the opposite hand that we would normally use to write with we drew a picture of our earliest happiest memory that we had. (Believe it or not, when I was done doing this, I felt some sort of peace, like when you finally solve a problem and it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders) Then when we were done with that one, we flipped the paper over and did another one, only this time we still used the opposite hand, but we held the pencil like a little kid would hold the pencil. The counselor said that your childhood memories are stored in the opposite side of your brain, the one that normally don’t work and one of the way to activate that side is to use the opposite hand.. Okay maybe I am having a hard time explaining this, but most of the people reading this should understand what it is that I am trying to say. It was a great exercise, and when I got to the second drawing I was remembering more of my childhood. It was weird, like a flood of old good memories that came back to me. As addicts we spend so much time beating ourselves up for what we have done wrong, and maybe its not just a addict thing maybe its a adult thing. As adults we sometimes forget that we can put the computer, tablet, or cell phone aside and turn up the music, grab the hair brush and sing and dance with our favorite song as if we were 7 again. Its okay to put everything aside and run around the house with your kids, playing tag, having that pillow fight, or play that game of truth or dare with them.. Last night my kids and I had a balloon fight.. During the afternoon, we ran around the house and just acted plum crazy, tickling, chasing each other around pinching each others butts, and trying our best to hide from one another. Its okay no matter how old you are to sign as loud as you can, (or in my case as bad as you can), do that stupid dance, or whatever it is that makes you laugh, and I mean laugh like you did when you were a kid playing with your friends acting silly. This is one of the greatest pieces of advice I can give those reading this. I have these moments all the time.. I love being silly with my kids, I love running around the house with them chasing them or running from them, (and I do mean running in the house), jumping on the beds, singing as loud as we can, screaming, and just laughing until we are rolling on the floor. This is done so often here in this house, that my baby that is a month old was sitting in her swing yesterday and she started crying so I gave her, her binky, and then my 7 year old went to wipe chocolate all over me so it was on, and we spent the next hour running through the house screaming and yelling, and the baby fell sound asleep and slept until we quit, then she woke up. When your busy being a kid, there are no over due bills, there is no mistakes that you have made, there is no stress, all there is, is laughter and fun… And its better than you can even imagine.. Try it sometime..


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