Living Now By SC

Give Positive Comments..

on March 21, 2013

One day at treatment we did this great exercise.. We got a piece of paper and we wrote everyone’s name on it, then next to everyone’s name we wrote a good comment about that person. When everyone was finished, we turned our papers in and the group leader went person by person and read what everyone had wrote about that person, without telling anyone who had said what. At the end of reading everyone’s comments about that person, they were asked if the comments that were read, were what they expected or if they had expected something different. Then they had the opportunity to either think to themselves about what they thought their biggest downfall was, and if any of the good comments that were read about them had changed that view of themselves. Most of the people had said that their negative thought about themselves was something that was personal to themselves, and “No” no one had commented on that particular thought about themselves. I noticed that day how when it was the persons turn to hear all the positive, good comments about themselves, that even if they didn’t realize it, they got a big smile on their face listening to the comments, and you could tell the way that they went from feeling just okay, to feeling really good about themselves even if it was just for that moment. Everyone enjoys hearing positive things about themselves, and everyone needs to hear those things once in a while. We as people all make mistakes, with those mistakes we end up getting really down on ourselves for those mistakes, and when someone says something positive to you about you, those mistakes get forgotten even if only for a couple of moments, and they feel good about themselves. Even though most people said that none of the good and positive comments that people had said about them had nothing to do with something that they felt was one of their downfalls, that didn’t even really matter. While those comments were being read, they weren’t thinking about that things, they were listening to hear what everyone else had to say about them. How would you feel if when you opened your email, you got to see just one positive comment about yourself? I know that it would make me feel good.. I have come to realize that blogging everyday not only helps me take those few minutes to myself that I so desperately need, gives me the opportunity to talk about things that are on my mind, helps me answer my own thoughts, and helps me create solutions to problems that I didn’t even know were really there until the end. There have been some blog post that I have started with just one crazy though which lead me to something else, which lead me to the understanding of a problem that I really didn’t know existed, into not only the understanding of the problem, but also the answer to the problem. Its amazing the things that I have been able to see just by writing about different things, and then the answer just comes… Then there is the other, I check my email and see the likes on the different post that I have made and it makes me feel good about myself, just as it did that day in group. In life we get to hard on the people that we love, and we end up being hard on them about different things, but then we forget to give them just as much praise as we did criticism, for the things that we did good. We are so quick in life to over look the good things, and only see the bad things in life.


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