Living Now By SC

Recovery.. NA Versus Outpatient Treatment..

on March 21, 2013

Being in recovery I have learned that there are different types of people and different things work for everyone when it comes to having a successful recovery. Before I had thought that I didn’t want to go to any sort of “groups” where it was a class type setting, I thought that I didn’t need that, and had it not been required of me to attend I would have honestly never tried it and I would still be struggling with using. I had tried NA, a couple of years ago, cause that’s what most people said worked for them, and really that’s what most people hear about and that’s what is said to keep most people clean. To me I think that is a lie. When I tried going I came to realize that most people going there, make it okay to justify their addiction, and it makes me personally want to use more when I left than not going at all. Then there, just like treatment, you have those that are being made to go, not that they actually really want to be there anyways, and you know that they are still using and just being around those people makes you want to use again. Going to treatment has helped me more than anything. I have come to learn that I am a fact orientated person and that I am the type of person that wants answers. I want to know why it happened to me, what goes on in my body chemistry, and what it is that goes on within myself on a factual level. I like being somewhere that there is a actual structure to each group, and not just a sharing time all the time. Yes some of the groups are still groups that people can share their thoughts and feelings, but there is someone there that monitors those groups and helps people see and understand when they are using that time to glorify their addiction. Then there are the groups that I have come to really like and those are the ones where a actual recovery subject is picked and we get to learn a actual lesson about recovery. (If you want a example of this, read my first recovery post, or about being a kid post). When I first started doing treatment, I was there for 6 hours one day a week and in those 6 hours that I was there, it all went by the hour, so you get a 15 min break every hour, and each hour would be different from the last. In NA when you attend those sometimes you are there for 2 hours sometimes you are there for 4 hours and each hour runs together. If it is a large NA group the “sharing” time can last 4 to 5 hours depending on the people that are there. Sometimes a person will talk about themselves for a hour or more. I don’t mind hearing someone else story, but I really like it to be on my time, and there to be a limit to it if its not, but that’s just me and how I feel.


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