Living Now By SC

The Cycle of Addiction

on March 30, 2013

I have been going to treatment for over a year, and even though the things that are being talked about at treatment aren’t necessarily new things, I take away something new each time..

So the cycle of addiction..  Most people don’t realize that addiction usually starts in childhood, with a thinking error.. 

That thinking error is usually learned from a adult figure in a child’s world.  When a child see someone yelling at them or putting them down they don’t know that it is wrong, there for they think that behavior is acceptable.

As the child continues to see the thinking error, it becomes reinforced.  It becomes something that the child accepts and the child begins to believe that the thinking error is acceptable in the outside world, other than that of what they know.

Maladaptive..  This is where the child takes the thinking error and begins to use it in the world, usually at school.

Negative Consequences… happen from the maladaptive behavior, because it is a thinking error and it really isn’t accepted in the outside world.  From the negative consequences you get..

Negative Emotions, the feeling of what did I do wrong, why am I getting in trouble for this, why is this happening, no one likes me, everyone is picking on me, and so forth.. Which causes more Maladaptive Behaviors, and more Negative Consequences and all of this causes…

Low Self-Esteem..  Feeling of rejection and loss.. That causes..

Seeking Acceptance..  Everyone wants to belong somewhere, so in seeking acceptance, being around the same types of people helps, those are the people that understand the maladaptive behavior and they don’t see anything wrong with the thinking error..

Using.. 1st time, feeling accepted, feeling like you belong, feeling NORMAL. 

Justifying.. Well I will only try it, its not like I am going to do it all the time, just this once, I need to get through this and they are doing it, it will be okay, nothing bad is happening to them, they are normal, this is the only way that I can get through this..

Negative Consequences this time are more than likely going to consist of hiding it from others, spending all your money on what it is that is being used, and so forth..

Justifying.. They don’t need to know, its not like they will understand.  I am not hurting anyone.  I need to have this.

Which all goes back to the thinking error..

 It all makes a complete cycle.  Each stage that I have described above is a relapse line.  You can stay in these lines for a long time or a little time..  Each time that you go around the cycle each section takes less and less time for a addict to cross.  Before most know it they are going through the cycle, on a daily basis.  It is described as a spiral from this point on..  Imagine drawing a circle and each time you go around you go in a little and go around again, you will end up in the middle of the circle.  The middle is full blown addiction and as long as it takes a addict to get to the middle is as long as it is going to take someone to get out..



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