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Recovery Meetings…

Coming Soon….

In the up coming weeks, I am going to start putting together Recovery Meetings, that are going to be done via internet or phone. I know that there are a lot of people out there that are struggling with their recovery, or with their active addictions that would like to be able to attend meetings or groups, without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Sometimes things in life come up and make it hard for people to make it to groups or meetings, like not having a vehicle, or not having gas money to get there. Gas prices are soaring and it can get expensive trying to make it to and from groups and meetings. This is something for everyone and I am going to encourage everyone I can to participate. I don’t want it to be just for addicts either, I want to also include the people out there that have people that they are close to or were close to that are struggling with addiction to come join us too.

I have great ideas about what we can do and how we can make this a different experience than anything that is already happening…
There are others who are going to have some great ideas too, so if that’s you please email me @

If you can’t wait to get these groups started.. Email me your info today and lets get started…


What do you think?

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